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License: GNU GPL


NOTE: "rgSDK" and "rph" are required to compile the game. "3DRomED" is an extra. Also you must download the game media along with the sources inorder to run the game.

For convenience, some updates have "everything" bundled in them. However, if the game content is very large (or does not change much from source update to source update), then it will be a separate download.


How to build/make the sources

WARNING: Solaris and Windows makefiles won't build yet.

Content from different versions (dates) are generally not compatible.

everything (except 3DRomED)
notes February 27th, 2005
January 24th, 2005
everything (except 3DRomED editor)
change log January 15th, 2005
rgSDK (support library)
rph (actual game - not playable)
3DRomED (3D editor)
Game media (content for the game)
January 10th, 2005
rph (actual game - not playable - very first version started on Dec 4th, 2004)
December 6th, 2004